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Nima College is a unique modern institution of higher education that offers various courses at Artisan, Certificate, Diploma and Higher National Diploma,
The college was founded by a group of well grounded and seasoned college tutors and lecturers in Nairobi City
The college is located at 3rd Floor of the Famous Kenda House, Along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi.
The college boasts of modern ICT equipments, Hospitality facilities (for the Hospitality students),large and spacious classrooms with proper lighting in addition, a serene quiet environment suitable for learning.
Nima college have very highly qualified academic staff together with modern learning facilities including projectors, Online Student Learning Portal and well Equiped Library
At Nima College We Say Welcome!!

College Facts

  • We understand that for Academic Success to be achieved, accompanying infrastructure has to be present. That’s why at Nima College, we continue to develop high class learning facilities that enable our students achieve success within the best available environment. These learning facilities include several state-of-the-art computer labs and a conducive learning environment, to enable students to develop practical skills as they undertake real world lessons and exercises.

  • You have come to the right place in your search for quality Higher Education. At Nima College, we equip students holistically, and our graduates meet not only the academic demands of the working world, but are of high moral integrity. We aspire to be an institution that transforms the world and society through instilling moral and social values to the students who study at Nima College.

Nima delivers a wide variety of courses that provide real world knowledge and strong certification in ones chosen field

We deliver a wide variety of courses that provide real world knowledge and strong certification in ones chosen field.
It is in a serene environment that makes it an ideal place for learning. Students pursue various academic courses in Business, Arts, Technology and Education.
Nima College Educating Citizens and Citizens-Leaders for our our Society

Academic Partners


   P.O.BOX 57191- 00100,Nairobi,Kenya

   3rd Floor, Kenda House, Tom Mboya Street

+254 727 081 529